Best of Week 2 on Bigg Boss 10!
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Week 2 of Bigg Boss 10 got more entertaining, dolloped with loads of drama. Inhibitions fell off as people got into the game and made an effort to play. Celebrities seemed to have changed their strategy after getting criticized on Weekend ka Vaar. Let’s take a look at some significant happenings on Bigg Boss 10 during the second week…


Priyanka Jagga Evicted!

This came as a shocker to most of us as Priyanka had to say adieu to the Bigg Boss House.


Indiawale lost the Satta in the Bigg Boss House but also won it back shortly afterwards!

Indiawale had lost the Maalik status because they had broken rules by cooking. But they soon won it back by winning the Luxury Budget Task.


The open nominations made the contestants aware about what others were thinking about them.

Gaurav, Rohan and Monalisa from Celebrities team were nominated while from Indiawale team Akanksha, Nitibha, Manu and Manveer were nominated.


The Luxury Budget Task, BB 10 Laundry was quite eventful and both the teams played aggressively.

The task heated up the atmosphere and there were many bad fights, debates and arguments. The task was won by Indiawale.


Housemates witnessed a streak of aggression in Navin Prakash.

Navin Prakash had some of the worst fights in Week 2! He had a bad fight with Rohan during BB 10 Laundry task. He also played the Immunity Task against Lokesh in an aggressive manner. The contestants were shocked to see this unbelievable Avatar of a docile Navin.


First Immunity Task on Bigg Boss 10 took place between Lokesh and Navin.

Lokesh was performing quite well in the Immunity Task and it was quite evident that she was close to winning the first immunity on Bigg Boss 10. But Navin wouldn’t let it happen so easily. He sabotaged Lokesh’s task and won the Immunity for himself!


Contestants celebrated Diwali on Bigg Boss 10!

Contestants were surprised and happy to receive gifts and messages from their families.


Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight for Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan!

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