Bepannaah: Aditya wants to ruin Zoya’s life?
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The story of Bepannaah gets more intense after Zoya comes to know that Aditya is the co-owner of Yash’s company. Aditya tells her that Pooja had given 5 crore rupees to yash for his company and thus he owns everything now including Zoya.  He declares that he would destroy Yash’s company. Zoya starts having doubts on Yash after this.





In another series of events this week, Zoya remembers Yash’s love for strawberries and gets emotional. At the same time Aditya meets a strawberry vendor on the streets and recalls how Pooja loved the fruit. Aditya gets agitated to remember the past and crushes down all the strawberries of the vendor but pays him for his loss.





Zoya and Aditya individually try to deal with their pain and get out of it. However, fate once again plays its part and makes them meet on the streets, as  Aditya walks out of the bar after getting drunk late in the night and Zoya tries to find a lift at the same time. Some men try misbehaving with Zoya and Aditya steps in, he saves her from them.  Aditya does this so that he could be the only person to spoil Zoya’s life.



Aditya has plans against Zoya! He even warns her against them.



How will Zoya deal with all of this?



To know, watch Bepannaah Mon-Fri at 9 PM.

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