Benafsha and Akash’s fall out leads to a major brawl in the Bigg Boss house.
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  • November 7, 2017
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It all started after Akash continued passing comments against Benafsha. The latter challenged him head on to say whatever more he wanted to. Akash crossed his limits and went a bit further talking nasty about Benafsha. This irked Benafsha’s good friend Priyank, also Hina and Vikas who were around, they all condemned Akash’s behavior.





Things moved further after Puneesh got involved saying something against Benafsha and the former lost his cool. Puneesh started a heated argument with Benafsha asking her to swear if he said something like that; what she was talking about. Priyank intervened and the two boys got into a major fight. On the other hand Benafsha who said she had enough from Akash got into yet another scuffle with him simultaneously.





Within seconds the entire Bigg Boss house became part of this whole conflict, wherein some tried to calm down Benafsha, Puneesh, Priyank and Akash  there were also some supporting those who they felt were right.





Lot of entertainment coming your way tonight!



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