Belan Wali Bahu: You will totally admire Roopa Awasthi, read to know why!
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Your evenings will get lighter filled giggles, and that’s exactly what you want before you go to bed right?, as Belan Wali Bahu is coming on your television screens with a fresh and a light hearted comedy every weekday!






The story revolves around Roopa Awasthi, who is the female protagonist of the story and her tale will highlight the importance of ‘Belan’ (rolling pin) that every Indian house wife owns and one certainly cannot imagine of having chapttis without it!



This journey of a young newlywed Bahu will take us through her several challenges and emotions and how she manages to deal with them especially after not being so skilled with the household chores.



But she shines in her own way, and her qualities will definitely make you adore her.


Here’s why –


Sweet & Docile – Roopa is a young and a sweet Bahu who is totally new to her responsibilities, but always tries hard to give her best. She aims to keep her in-laws happy all the time. However manier times she ends up goofing up things unintentionally.





Never gives up – Although her in-laws like and adore her but her husband doesn’t. All her attempts to please him or make him feel happy goes in vain but she never gets disheartened, she continues taking efforts.


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Dutiful Bahu Although things are new for Roopa she tries her very best at everything. She respects her elders in the family and cares for their emotions.





Takes ownership of her problems – Yes, she often commits mistakes but is brave enough to take the onus of everything.





Positive – One of the very important qualities to live a happy life. Just like anybody else Roopa has her own share of problems and troubles. She not only deals with them but stays positive at all times.





Doesn’t she make a perfect Bahu despite her flaws?



Watch Belan Wali Bahu, starting on 15th January Mon-Fri at 10:30 PM! 

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