Belan Wali Bahu: The women in the ‘Awasthi family’ repent their decision to have a house-help.
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This week on Belan Waali Bahu, Premlata visits her friend’s place and gets envious to see her house-helps. She imagines how she doesn’t have any, due to which everyone in the house has to do their own work. Later, she goes home and convinces dadaji that even they should hire a house-help.





After dadaji agrees, Roopa suggests giving an advertisement in the newspaper about the same. Initially the family faces difficulties in finding the right person, but finally a woman enters their house with her two daughters. They agree to work for them on their terms. Slowly, the house-helps take over all the work in the house which leaves the family members with nothing to do. This leads the men to become lazy and dependent on the maids and women in the house get alarmed to see this.  


Roopa and Premlata then decide to get the house-helps out of the house as they realize they were better off before. They decide to tell about the same to dadaji but need a good reason in order to convince him.





But seems like the house-helps wouldn’t leave the Awasthi family so easily. They cleverly plot something against the family. What have they planned?



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