Bela in a fix?
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  • October 26, 2018
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Previously on Naagin 3, Bela had planned to kill Mahir who as per is the murderer of her mother and the only raavan in her life. Taking a cue from there, on Dussehra, Bela tries to kill Mahir, however, fails in doing so. Later, Bela remembers that her mother was telling her about the person who is trying to cause harm to her. She is unable to tell her the name and so gives her a hint to recognize the person. Will she be able to catch that person basis the hint?





We will also see Vikrant threatening Sonal and showing her his mother’s photo. On seeing it, Sonal is shocked out of her mind. What will Vikrant do now? Will he blackmail her to stay quiet or kill her? Later, we see Bela speaking to Vikrant about the hint given by her mother. On getting uncomfortable, Vikrant tries to change the topic by playing the emotional card.






How do things turn around now? Find out on Naagin 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.


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