Bela has a plan for Tamsi!
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This week on Naagin 3, Mahir, Bela, Vish and Vikrant are shocked to see Tamsi growing up so quickly. Bela tells them that Aghori is doing the ritual to remove darkness and negativity from Tamsi. Later, little Tamsi is seen playing in the room and Vish and Vikrant join her and try to be friends with her. Bela tricks Tamsi by telling her that they’re all playing a boring game and asks her to go play out in the open. When Sumi and massi are cleaning colour spilled on them, Alek enters to tell that them that Vish and Vikrant were with Tamsi. What does Sumi take out of this? When Tamsi is about to leave, Sumi comes and stops her, however, Tamsi doesn’t listen to her.



Going forward, the naags are seen putting sindoor on Hukum and he starts screaming. Tamsi watches it all calmly and tells Sumi how to save Hukum. The Aghori babas, on the other hand, have started their pooja and some naags are also seen around. Hukum is angry and tries to stop them but Tamsi takes charge of the car and runs through Hukum. Going forward, Aghori waits for Bela & Tamsi along with some naags. Bela arrives there with Vish & Tamsi where Bela tells Tamsi that the ritual is good for her sake. Will Tamsi agree with this?

Tune in to Naagin 3 tonight at 8 pm to know more!

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