Being Sanskaari: Tejaswi Prakash
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The show Sanskaar is all about having family values and culture. Time and again the story has focused on some important lessons of life like honesty and traditions. But are the actors playing the character as Sanskaari as their on-screen persona? We got in touch with the lead actress Tejaswi Prakash, who plays the role of Dhara, and she shared with us few reasons that make her Sanskaari in real life too.
Believing in God and being an ideal daughter usually features on the top of the list as a sanskaari girl and our Tejaswi doesn’t disappoint us. 

Tejaswi claims she never steps out of the house without taking God’s name and while doing so she always puts out her right feet first. “I also have a small temple inside my house in which I pray each time I pass by it.”

And along with the prayer rituals every year for one month she fasts for Shravan and eats only vegetarian food even though she’s purely non vegetarian. “I make it a point to fast for this one month and follow it strictly. The other time I choose to eat vegetarian food is before my exams.”

Till date Tejaswi has never lied to her parents and says they know everything about her. “My mother has contact numbers of all my friends. So each time she wants to get in touch with me she would know with whom I am and call that respective friend.” She believes she never had the need to hide away anything and her mother is her best friend.

While we are sure the producers of this show did not cast her for these reasons, it sure has helped Tejaswi portray the ideal sanskaari girl to the hilt. 

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