Being on IGT5 is like a Battle Field says the host Mantra
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India’s Got talent is back and how? If the talent and the amazing trio of judges weren’t enough, this season brings to you the multi-talented Mantra as your host for this season. 


Rj, Dancer, Comedian, Actor and a host! How has the journey been?

In one word it has been brilliant. It is a compilation of wonderful memories, wonderful ups and downs and wonderful experience. What all I did was not because it is my job or work. In my words you can say ‘Main kaam nahi karta, main bus shauk paalta hun.’


What all efforts went into being a host for IGT5?

Before I answer this I want to tell you an incident when I used to study in Britain. On my way back to my hostel one day, I came across the sets of Britain Got Talent. That was the time when I thought that something of this sort would definitely come up in India and when it does, I would be a part of it. As such no homework went into this. But this show is of much high standard and with the kind of people I work with it’s nothing less than a battlefield. You got to be on your toes all the time. And your reactions have to come up at the spur of the moment. No time to relax, chill and ease off, boy you got to be killing it out there.


Manish had an amazing chemistry with his Kirru, are you targeting any of the judges?

No, I respect all the judges and I believe in giving them their space. I respect all three of them and off camera our chemistry is amazing. Though I’m hitting off with Bharti amazingly well.


What is more close to your heart, television or radio?

I can’t categorize them. For me all the genres of media are just platforms. I have to reach out to the world and perform. Though I miss radio a lot, leaving radio has changed me as a person. For Radio you have to be an opinionated person. Though the things have changed but the opinions remain the same.


India’s got talent, what is your hidden talent?

That is now out in the open that I’m a multi-talented person. And with India’s Got Talent I shall explore my hidden one. I’m thinking of trying all these stunts and talents that are being displayed by the contestants, I think I can do almost all of them.


Any incident that you would like to share with us as a host for this season?

It’s not an incident but this is something I really feel and would want to talk about it. I was a little disappointed that people in our industry think only singing and dancing is talent. You should not limit yourself to just this. As an esteemed show, we have a responsibility to promote and showcase different talent. And I’m a bit satisfied that we are doing it in a better way.


How is it sharing the stage with Bharti?

Great! I try and step in a little corner that I get because the rest of the stage is occupied by Bharti! We are to extreme individuals. Though we come from same background we are different personalities. She chose to be the funny girl around and whenever something sensible and serious is to be brought upon that is when I step in.


You are known for your satire, any one for this moment?

Don’t limit your talent. Anything and everything is considered to be art. Follow your heart and do what it says.

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