Being biased or being human?
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Stands for the right cause – Well, who can forget this one? Kushal Tandon could have never imagined in his wildest dreams what would follow him after he hurled some nasty comments about Bollywood actress, Tanishaa Mukherjee. Salman Khan who stood by the actress made Kushal realize his mistake and apologize for it.

Salman Khan – The problem solver: Sallu bhai was also seen playing the role of a problem solver on many occasions in the Bigg Boss house. Like in the last season, when Karishma and Gautam got into a tiff during one of their tasks, it was Salman who came to the rescue and sorted out the mess.

Supports his co-stars: Bigg Boss season 7 contestant Imam Siddiqui might have entertained millions of people with his antics but when he claimed that he had helped Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta reach the pinnacle of success, Salman shot back at Imam and said that it was SRK's own hard work and nothing else that has made him what he is today. 

Acts as a guide: Whenever anyone in the house stops involving themselves in matters relating to house, Salman advises them to put in more effort so that they can get back on track and show to everyone in the house and outside that they are very much still part of the show. Like in the last season, Salman advised Upen to actively involve himself in household chores and activities.  

Doesn’t like spoilt sports: Salman doesn’t like contestants in the house to be too melodramatic as he feels that one should know how to take a joke to keep things going in the house. Like in the last season when Pritam and Karishma got too over-friendly, Salman jokingly tried giving another angle to their friendship which led to Karishma crying, followed by a lot of melodrama. Salman who wasn’t too happy with the sequence of events that followed told all the contestants that they need to have an attitude where they can take jokes lightly and if can’t, then they can leave.

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