Behroopiya Roli Gets Trapped But Escapes As A Naagin! #SSK
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Prem approaches Siddhant and tells him that Roli has left the house to meet Jatin and they both are going somewhere. Nobody has a clue of where they are going.  Siddhant is not ready to believe this as he tucked her in the bed back in the house. Prem tells him that they should go and look for Roli instead of telling everyone at home and Siddhant falls for Prem's plan. Prem wants to ensureb that Siddhant witnesses the reality of ‘Behroopiya Roli’.

Meanwhile, Roli has reached the temple and screams out of frustraion to know who knows everything about her reality. Amar disguises his voice and asks Roli to follow his instructions and not to outsmart him. Roli threatens to kill everybody involved. Amar asks her to come to the centre of the temple, blindfold herself and pull the rope which gets her trapped in a net. Roli now has no choice but to follow the instructions.

Amar then directs her to cure the person who is in coma because of her. Roli gets doubtful to hear that and tells that she needs to touch the person in order to cure that person. Amar replies saying that they are aware about her powers and she can cure the person with her green eyes. Roli is shocked and is left with no option but to cure the person with her green eyes. The ‘person’ here is none other than Shruti. Shruti wakes up from coma, opens her eyes and gets flashes of her memories while looking at Simar. Simar screams for Roli and the ‘Behroopiya’ Roli gets to know that Simar is responsible for all this. She turns into the ‘Naagin’ and escapes out of the net and starts crawling towards Simar and Shruti.

Will Shruti and Simar be able to fight the Icchadhari Naagin? Will the ‘Icchadhari Naagin’ kill both Simar and Shruti? 

To find out watch Sasural Simar Ka Tonight only on Colors.

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