Beera not to bring his baraat to Nanhi’s house! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 12th-18th June
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Mohan told Munna that Nanhi needed her brother at her wedding and handed him some clothes to wear at the wedding, insisting that he come. Mohan was convinced that Munna is Addu, but was shocked when Guru told him that Munna was the one who had pretended to kidnap Rimjhim. (Watch as Mohan comes to the realization)

Nanhi’s wedding rituals were in full swing, but she refused to get mehendi applied till he Spiderman came. Mohan came at Megha’s insistence, and drew a smiley face on Nanhi’s hand, and made her promise that she would tell him every problem even after marriage. (Watch as Nanhi and Mohan spend precious time together)

While Nanhi and Beera were practicing their sangeet act, Mohan and Megha had a romantic moment where they danced with each other. Rimjhim was happy to see the two together, and goaded Mohan to ask Megha to marry him. 

When Nanhi and Beera got some time together, she told him about her dreams and nervousness about getting married, and kissed him, leaving him surprised.

Beera went missing when the sangeet began, but Mohan discovered that he had been locked in a room by Addu and brought him back. Tanu got emotional about Nanhi leaving the family, but later performed with Aarti on ‘Ghagra’. Renu and Guru also joined them in the fun act. 

Rimjhim and Addu also performed for Nanhi and Beera, and then it was time for the couple to perform. Beera and Nanhi gave a fun, flirty performance on ‘Dilliwali Girlfriend’ which everyone enjoyed. (Watch the act here)

Mohan and Megha made both Rimjhim and Nanhi with their very romantic performance on stage, which reminded everyone of their old chemistry. (Watch Mohan and Megha’s romance here)

But this happiness was cut short as Beera disappeared suddenly, only for the family to discover him talking to Daddaji outside the house. Beera explained that Daddaji wanted his baraat to start from their haveli, as per the wishes of Beera’s dead parents. While Beera pretended to refuse, Mohan surprised everyone by agreeing to the wish, on the condition that Beera came to the wedding on time. (Watch Mohan and Daddaji come face to face)

Nanhi was unhappy about Beera leaving, but he convinced her that he would be back soon. Back in the house, Addu was distressed after seeing Beera with Daddaji and started throwing things around, and crossed out a drawing of Beera, making Mohan think about the connection.

Back at Daddaji’s haveli, he was celebrating with Beera and his cronies for succeeding in their plan. When Beera left, Sharma asked Daddaji about hiding his child kidnapping racket from Beera. Daddaji replied that he would tell him after his revenge on Navika was complete, and if he didn’t join his business, he would be killed. 

Mohan and Megha were looking at the venue of Nanhi and Beera’s wedding, and when Megha started reminiscing about their wedding, Mohan pretended not to remember the vows that they took during the saat pheras. But then he took Megha’s hand and took the saat pheras again, and the couple renewed their vows where they promised to forget the past to start a new life together. (Watch as Mohan and Megha take the saat pheras)

Rimjhim, too was happy when Mohan told her that her dance teacher would start staying with them soon. During Nanhi’s haldi ceremony, Vedkant and Saroj Vyas surprised everyone by coming and blessing Nanhi. The ladies of the family then went to Beera’s house for his haldi as there was no one to do the ceremony for him. They were shocked to see no preparations in his house, but still performed Beera’s haldi ceremony. When Megha asked Beera to bring the baraat and make Nanhi happy, Beera promised that the evening of the wedding would be the most memorable for their family.

When Renu complained about the lack of celebration in Beera’s house, he assured her that his baraat would be unlike anything she had seen before. As soon as Megha left, Daddaji got one of his cronies to splash water on Beera to wash off all the haldi, and expressed his suspicion at Beera’s resolve. When a shocked Ragini questioned Daddaji, he told her about Beera’s plan to take revenge from Nanhi. (Watch as Beera’s plan is revealed to Ragini)

Mohan surprised Nanhi by gifting her a bell, and asked her to ring it whenever she needed it. Megha also spent some time with Nanhi, where Nanhi made her promise that she would live with Mohan so that they would take care of each other. (Watch as Nanhi spends time with her parents)

A distressed Ragini called Munna and told him about Beera’s plan, after which Munna made Ragini promise that Beera reached the wedding venue, and he would make sure that the wedding happened. 

At the time of the wedding, Addu tried warning Mohan about Beera, but Mohan didn’t understand what he was trying to say. Mohan met Vedkant and Saroj, but was worried about Beera’s baraat not arriving even after the slated time had passed.

Will Nanhi’s dreams of marrying Beera be shattered? Or will Munna succeed in his resolve of getting Nanhi and Beera married?

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