Beera-Navika get Mohan’s blessings! Na Bole Trum Recap 29th May-4th June
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Mohan and Megha were both distraught over Addu not being their real son. Mohan told Guru about the reports but decided not to tell Megha. On the other hand, even Megha made Jiji promise that she would not say anything to Mohan. (Watch the scene here)

Nanhi learnt how to make ‘rabdi’ from Renu and offered it to Beera, but he was more interested in getting closer to Navika. When Addu interrupted their moment, he taught Addu to call him ‘Jiju’

But this move got Navika in trouble as Addu yelled out ‘Jiju!’ when Beera sneaked into Navika’s room to steal a kiss. Navika and Beera had to confess their love in front of Megha, who decided to tell Mohan. (Watch as Beera and Navika get caught)

The next morning, Megha and Mohan both saw each other playing with Addu, and felt bad about him not being their son. When Megha broached the subject of Navika being in love, Mohan stormed into her room, where he imagined the little Nanhi telling him that she was in love. (Watch the cute exchange here)

Mohan’s temper hit the roof when Navika told him that Beera was the guy that she loved. After questioning her about his ability to take care of her, he went to Beera’s room to grill him about the condition he would keep his daughter in. When it looked like Mohan would refuse, Megha reminded him about his young and carefree days, and told him that Beera loved their daughter. Navika also advocated Beera, recounting his role in getting Addu back. All this convinced Mohan, and he gave the young couple their blessing. (Watch the moment here)

Just then, they got the news of Daddaji being arrested in the kidnapping racket, but Navika consoled Beera and asked him not to give any explanation.

Mohan was still in shock over Navika’s sudden decision to marry, but she consoled him saying that even if Beera was the hero of her life, he would remain her superhero forever. 

Munna visited Mohan and  Addu in office, and when Mohan went out to speak to the policemen regarding Munna and Addu testifying against Daddaji, Munna threatened Addu not to testify. At the same time, Munna’s grandmother rushed to the office and warned Munna against being a witness as some goons had ransacked their house and threatened to harm Munna if he testified. Mohan went back to his office and found Addu cowering under a table, so Mohan had to tell the police that both the boys would not testify against Daddaji.

Megha started cleaning their old house so Navika and Beera could live there after marriage, and Mohan came there as he had the same idea. The two reminisced about the times spent in the house and hoped that their daughter got the same happiness. (Watch the conversation here)

The next day, Beera came to Mohan’s house wearing loud retro clothes and when Mohan got over the shock of the sight, he handed over the keys to the old house to him. In turn, Beera told him that 14th June was an auspicious day for the wedding, with the next suitable date being a year away. While Mohan was more in favour of the later date, Megha convinced him that 14th June was a better date. (Watch as Mohan agrees for the date)

Munna walked into Mohan’s office and heard Mohan instructing someone about the wedding cards. He congratulated him when he found that Navika was getting married, and agreed to help out. Mohan, doubtful of Munna's story about how he got hurt, sneakily got a sample of his blood, which he sent to the lab to be matched with the one on the scissors with which Addu had assaulted his attacker.

Navika and Beera spent some quality time together as they cleaned and decorated the house and dreamt about their future together. (Watch the couple’s dreams here)

Finally, happiness is coming Megha and Mohan’s way with Navika getting married. But is this happiness here to stay?

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