BB godham task takes a new spin?

BB godham task takes a new spin?

One day after another, the firecrackers in the house seem to be bursting with double the noise. Waking up to the tune of ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’, the housemates dance their hearts out embracing the new day. Getting on with their daily chores a confusion will be created amongst the housemates on their duties. As Mahira disagrees to make breakfast, she speaks to Aarti in a very unpleasant manner which leads to an argument between them. Later in the day, Bigg Boss will announce the first captaincy task. Divided into two teams, a godham set up in the activity area with Team Asim and Team Paras will be seen. Here, each member of the team will have to pick up the packages and keep it on their respective side with the team stamp on it. On hearing the horn, the loading of these packages must happen. The team with less packages will lose that round and must also eliminate one member from their team. This task will also result in Sidharth hurting Mahira due to his aggression.





Going forward, the house will also witness a quarrel between multiple members of the house like Arti and Shehnaz, Sidharth and Arhaan etc. With formations of new rivals in the house, survival seems to be getting difficult by the day. What's in store for these housemates?

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