Battle for Captaincy: Synopsis, Ep 39
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No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. Taking this thought forward the unpredictable house of Bigg Boss started a  brand new morning  with a classic 80’s number, ‘Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe’ which set the tone for the day.  
During the day, Bigg Boss announced new captaincy elections and asked the housemates  to volunteer their names with legitimate reasons.
Gautam was the first one to volunteer, hence becoming the first contender to compete in the race to become the next captain of the house. Other housemates had to then decide on one contender who will stand up against Gautam. Upen was selected with group consensus.
Race for Captaincy task named, “Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe” is launched with Upen and Gautam competing against each other. The task required both the contenders to choose two partners of their choice who will support them in the task.  Upen selects Aarya and Ali while Gautam selects Puneet and Pritam. On the battle ground, both Upen and Gautam are supposed to hold one black pole each, given to them, while the selected partners would try to detach the opposite contender from the pole and drag him towards the given white line. The person who will be dragged towards the white line first, will lose.
Before the task starts, Diandra, Praneet and Karishma were seen trying to manipulate Pritam so that he supports Upen’s team.  When Pritam asks Praneet as to what he should do, Praneet tells him that he knows Gautam is negative.
During the task, it takes Ali and Aarya just a few seconds to drag Gautam to the white line. Puneet is nervous to use his physical strength due to his previous tiff where he had hurt Gautam physically. As a result Upen wins the task and is announced as the new captain of the house.
A back stabbed Gautam is seen talking to himself post the task  as to how Puneet could have done better but due to his fear of using his strength he did not perform well, little knowing that Puneet did what he did deliberately. Puneet is later seen telling his co-contestants that he did not play loyally with Gautam as he wanted Upen to become the captain.
Gautam is later seen confronting Puneet and Pritam about what had happened during the task. Puneet admits to Gautam that he could have done better but he didn’t and therefore is guilty about it, smoothly getting away with the betrayal.
Upen then gathers all the housemates in the living area to discuss and reshuffle the house duties for the coming week letting people volunteer themselves as to what they will be comfortable doing, promising a peaceful and happy week ahead.
Will Upen be able to lead the housemates appropriately or no? Only time will tell.
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