Barkat brings first tiff between Zain and Aaliya #Beintehaa
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  • May 10, 2014
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Zain and Aaliya have influenced our minds with so much love and affection that it is difficult to imagine that they can fight. But the upcoming episode of Beintehaa will show the first tiff between Zain and Aaliya because of Barkat.
Barkat is playing her game of divide and rule. At present she is busy influencing Nafisa and Shazia to get the will executed. She has evil plans to divide the Abdullah family and take over the property along with Mir Khan.
But Aaliya somehow gets to know that Barkat has spoken to Nafisa and Shazia about the will. But when she questions Barkat about it, Barkat smartly takes Zain on his side and tells him that Aaliya is accusing her of brainwashing Nafisa and Shazia. Zain gets furious after knowing this and tells Aaliya to say Sorry to Barkat. Will Aaliya say sorry to Barkat? Will this tiff bring distance between Zain and Aaliya? Will Zain feel sorry for making Aaliya say sorry? Don’t miss Beintehaa’s next episode to know what happens next!

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