Bani to reveal the truth?
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  • October 9, 2020
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Tonight on Naagin 5, we see Veer instructing Mayuri to send a message to Jai on behalf of Bani to trick him into his plan. Veer locks Mayuri with Bani to keep an eye on her from escaping the room to save Jai. Veer takes Mayuri’s phone with him. She even stresses on Veer finding out about being allies with her. The cheel clan together goes to trap Jai and Jai, meanwhile, goes to the prayag wadi hill to find out the truth behind Bani’s message from Mayuri’s phone. He suspects of something fishy already.

Later, Bani tricks Mayuri into getting out of the room and then attacks her in her naagin form. On the other hand, all the cheels surround Jai on the cliff and eventually find out that Jai is a naag. They now plan to kill Jai for good. Will they succeed in doing so? Mayuri now follows Bani and tries to stop her from going to the cliff but Bani finds a way to leave Mayuri behind and leave.

When Bani reaches the cliff and spots all the cheels around Hai, she tries to distract them by telling them the truth about Teer’s death and how she suspects someone from Veer’s family. She even tells them about the clue on Teer’s jacket and how he was killed by the special knife. What happens next?



Tune in to Naagin 5 tonight at 8 pm to find out more.

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