Bani spills the secrets about Maya
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One of the most glamorous makeover that has happened in the tinsel town is that of Bani. Shefali Sharma aka Bani and now pegged as Maya is an actress and carries off a persona which is enough to astound the guys around. We got into a little chit chat with Shefali, where she talked about her new look, Parmeet and much more.

How has this change been from Bani to Maya?
This was all because of the character Anuradha Ji and to take revenge from Parmeet.  In the past Bani has tried her best to make Parmeet fall for her. When love couldn’t conquer Parmeet, my image makeover came out to be the next best step to teach him a lesson. 

How is this new look treating you?
Oh! Amazing! Bani was someone who used to shy away from everyone. She was someone who came out to be weak and used to run away from problems. But Maya, she is just the opposite of Bani. She is chirpy, fun-loving, glamorous and daring. 

Tell us something about Maya
In short Maya is completely opposite of Bani. Where Bani used to sit and cry, Maya knows how to give it back. Maya is someone who doesn’t care what the world thinks about her. She is not afraid of anyone or anything. The audiences know that Maya is Bani and the only reason she is back is to take revenge from Parmeet. And to teach him a lesson, Maya will play every tip and trick.

What ways have you chalked out to take revenge from your husband?
Anuradha ji, Rajji and I have planned out a lot and to know more you need to stay tuned to Bani – Ishq Da Kalma.

What was the motivational factor that helped you build Maya?
It was all because of Anuradha ji and Rajji that you all can see me in this avatar. I have been broken and shattered after what all has happened with me. But because of their motivational push I came out to be much stronger than before.

What if something of this sort would have happened to Shefali?
I come from a generation who doesn’t tolerate this kind of behavior. Bani was a dutiful wife who loved her husband, if I as Shefali would have been in her place, I would have parted ways long back.

Bani was a victim of physical abuse, even in today’s time there are women who are being traumatized, Any messages for them?
Don’t compromise your self respect for anyone or anything. We should learn to take a stand for ourself.

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