Bani Says She Will Forgive Swami Om If He Nominates Himself On Bigg Boss 10!
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  • January 2, 2017
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It will be very interesting to see Bani and Swami Om paired up for the nomination process in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss. Bani looks already irritated with Swami because of the past incidents, and when the time comes the two are asked to decide which person will be nominated among st them there erupts another clash between the duo!


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Bani tells him that he is so fearful of nominations, to which Swami Om replies saying yes he is scared of it. He says "Hann main darpok hun"! He even joins hands in front of her asking for forgiveness but Bani refuses, she says he doesn't deserve forgiveness! Adding to that Bani says, she is ready to forgive him only if he nominates himself! Swami Om responds saying he doesn't have a support from anyone but Bani. And since he is comparatively more in danger; Bani can afford nominating herself. Swami Om even pleads Bigg Boss and everyone else to nominate Bani and not him!


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Swami Om calls Bani a 'Devi' and there happens another argument between the two where the duo is seen telling each other "Please mujhe maaf kar do"!


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Catch the whole story tonight at 10:30 PM only on Bigg Boss 10!

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