Bani is horrified by Rano’s story #Bani Weekly Update 26th Mar to 1st Apr
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In the beginning of the week Sohum got to know about Bani’s marriage proposal and is tensed about it. Bani also worries about the consequences of a NRI marriage and both are shown lost in thoughts. Watch this sequence here.

Rajji tries to make Bani understand that it’s too early for her to marry and asks her to think about Sohum and his feelings. Bani says that she trusts her parents’ decision and will respect it fully. Watch as Bani quells all of Rajji’s arguments.

Desho and family go to receive Bani’s Mama and Mamiji at the station. While looking for their guests, Bani sees Rano dressed in bridal costume and wonders if she’s looking for her husband. Passersby ill-treat Rano and at that moment Sohum comes to help her and takes her home. Watch as Bani is shocked to see Sohum with Rano.

At lunch, Desho serves a lavish spread for Mama and Mamaji but forgets to cook sweet dish. When Mamiji asks for something sweet, Rajji brings kheer from her home but sadly that too is spoilt and in return Mamiji taunts Desho. Watch this sequence here.

Bani takes lunch for her father to the farms and meets Sohum also there. She asks him about Rano and how he knows her. After much reluctance, Sohum tells her the story of Rano and how she was left behind by her NRI husband. Watch Bani’s reaction in this video.

At home, Mamaji shows his house in Canada on video which is projected on a white bed sheet. Desho is very much excited to see how well settled his brother’s family is and prays for Bani to achieve the same. Bani, who is horrified by Rano’s story, enters home and is shown standing behind the bed sheet. Desho sees her silhouette in the video and starts imagining her daughter living in a grand house. Watch as Bani worries about her future while her mother dreams for her daughter’s happily ever after.

Will Bani change her mind and say no for a NRI groom and how will Desho react to it? Watch the latest promo here!

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