Bani gets banned from using the gym on Bigg Boss 10!
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Tonight, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to take a decision about restricting Bani from using the gym under BB Democracy task. Needless to mention, Priyanka and Manu, who are the actual decision makers of this task, put a ban on Bani’s gymming.




Naturally this doesn’t go well with Bani who is extremely upset. She thinks that it is the housemates in the house who have taken this decision. In fact none of the housemates know that actual decision makers are the ‘Secret Room Duo’ and are as stunned as Bani herself. Nevertheless, this stirs the pot and there’s a series of gossip about Bani, her reaction to this decision and her overall behavior with the housemates. Get to know all about it right here…




‘Isko toh kabhi na use karne do aap!’ says Priyanka




Priyanka and Bani’s friendship seems to be more out of convenience as Priyanka makes this statement. Despite knowing that gymming is extremely important for Bani, Priyanka and Manu decide that she should not be allowed to do it anymore. Priyanka also says, ‘Enjoy the ride, baby!’


‘Shaq ki Sui’ on Lopamudra




Needless to mention, that everyone thinks that Lopamudra has definitely voted in favour of restricting Bani from using the gym. When Rahul questions her about it she says, ‘You don’t have to look at me every time.’ Later on she also comments that the ban won’t last for the entire season so there’s no need for Bani to react so strongly.


‘Iska matlab bahumat Bani ke khilaaf ho gaya!’ says Swami Om




This decision is unexpected for Swami Om. Manveer informs him that out of nine, five people have voted in favour of putting this ban. He further adds that she is against the housemates and so even the housemates are against her.


Monalisa has her own perspective




Monalisa discusses about Bani’s situation with Gaurav. She says that Bani feels bad about everything and why is it that she isn’t getting along with anyone. She further adds that Bani keeps holding grudges.






Gaurav seems as stunned with this decision as Bani and reacts to it saying, ‘What!’ The decision has naturally come to Bani as a huge blow.


Will this bring her and Gaurav close once again or will this start a new series of tiffs in the house? Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 to know more, every Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and every Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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