Bani Asks Samar To Sign Divorce Papers On ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’
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Tina made her way back to the Pandey house and promised Vasu that she won’t be going anywhere now. Aryan told everyone that it was Bani who sent him to get Tina, after which Tina thanked Bani for sending their father. Tina vowed to never speak to Thapki again for what she did to them.


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Samar’s mother asked Bani to wear the mangalsutra and respect the tradition. Then she deliberately asked Samar to put sindoor on Bani’s forehead which made Tina really upset. Samar apologised to Bani after which she handed over divorce papers to him to get his signature and end the fraud wedding. Samar agreed and Bani made him promise not to tell anyone about this decision.


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Bani blamed herself for Samar and Tina’s separation, vowing to make things right between them. Aryan made Thapki sneak out of the room to celebrate her birthday. Thapki made a wish and said that there was nothing more important to her than her children’s happiness.


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Both Tina and Vasu realised that it was Thapki's birthday. Vasu told Tina that she was not ready to believe that Thapki could ever do something like this since she has always cared for the family and their well-being. Next morning, Thapki was seen praying and she offered prasad to Vasu who took it but Tina refused and told everyone that no one was going to celebrate Thapki's birthday. Just then, Munna entered with drums and this made Tina furious. She threw away the drums and told Munna to stop the celebrations.


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Bani was heartbroken to see what happened before her eyes and vowed to make things better for her mom, Thapki. In the coming episodes, Samar will make a surprising confession to Bani. Tina is devastated and Bani tries to take a stand for Thapki and mend things.


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Will Tina be able to forgive Thapki?



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