Balraj returns in Madhu’s life! Weekly Update: 17th to 21st Dec
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  • December 24, 2012
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The week began with RK misunderstanding Madhu’s silence as rejection to his proposal. In her defense, Madhu tried to explain but RK didn’t pay any heed. Watch Madhu’s attempt to soothe things in this video.

While shooting, RK takes out all his frustration on his movie’s heroine and when he walks out of the shoot he runs into Trishna.  She gives him an earful about being the villain of her family and ruining her parents’ relationship making him realize the reason behind Madhu’s rejection. Watch Trishna insulting RK in this video.

RK confronts Madhu and apologizes to her for not understanding her problem and together they made a pact to resolve all family issues and only then will they become one. RK even proposes to complete their seven pheras! Watch RK’s remarriage proposal right here!

Madhu’s first step to resolve issues was to get RK closer to his mother. She purposely left him alone to fetch for tea and when Radhaji offered him some, he grudgingly took it. Watch as Madhu’s first attempt turns out to be successful!

Even RK did his share of mending relationships and we saw him trying to patch up his in-laws, Shamsher and Padmini. Very politely he requested Padmini to forgive Shamsher and took the blame on himself. Watch as RK tries to start afresh with Madhu’s family.

Thinking about Trishna’s career, RK decides to cast her in a movie and starts looking for a producer. This search leads him to a party where he comes face to face with Balraj, Madhu’s father, whom he had previously met in jail. Watch Balraj’s re-entry in this video.

Next day, Padmini invites Madhu home for lunch and requests her to forgive her father. Madhu goes home to meet Shamsher and both share an emotional moment. Watch as Madhu’s family reunites in this video.

Balraj lands up on RK’s set and is made to sit in his vanity van. While he was waiting, Madhu entered the van and is surprised to see him there. Balraj states how he feels he knows Madhu from before. Click here to know if Balraj recognized his daughter!

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