Balika Vadhu becomes the beacon of truth on Colors
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Balika Vadhu, as a fiction show, has made a huge impression among the masses. Topics that are a stigma to society are aptly portrayed in the storyline of this fiction show. From child marriage to widow remarriage, from infidelity in marriage to now the recent case of child abuse, Balika Vadhu has never shied away from speaking the truth and for presenting problems as it is.

A daily soap is usually associated with the ongoings of a domestic life. But in such a sphere, Balika Vadhu shines as a daily soap imparting an important lesson. So when Gehna loses her husband Basant the show supports the idea of widow remarriage and gives Gehna a chance to start her life afresh. There are many such instances that have been noticed in this fictional reality. But when the recent track turned towards the topic of Child Abuse, we knew there was a lesson to learn.

Jhumar, who is one of the students in Dadisa’s school, experienced the unpleasant reality of child abuse when her teacher tried to touch her in a wrong manner. Dadisa who noticed this act took help of her grandson Jagya and caught the teacher red-handed.  While in the story Jhumar received her much deserved justice, but in reality are all kids so lucky?

This is the question which the show tries to raise from its fiction stories. As a citizen of this country it is our moral responsibility to stand against child abuse and many such malpractices and Balika Vadhu has already taken the first step towards it. Every story has something to tell and isn’t it better when you learn the important facts of life through one? Reality is harsh yes, but when adorned in a tale of fiction it becomes easy to relate to and that is where the show excels the most.

Kudos to the team of Balika Vadhu for always being the beacon of truth and Colors as a channel proudly supports such social endeavors!

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