Balancing tradition with progressive thoughts: Anoop Soni
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Jagya has gone through a lot in his life. Difflculties, blunders, relationships, mistakes and realization. There have been times when everyone has gone against him but there is someone who has always stuck by him and that’s his father Bhairon Singh.

Bhairon has always followed the tradition and values which is given to him by Dadisa but simultaneously he has progressed in his own thought process. When everyone has shown their back to Jagya, Bhairon has come forward and given his blessing to both Jagya and his wife Ganga. Bhairon aka Anoop Soni says ‘Bhairon has never followed set rules, he has always gone ahead supported the truth’.


Though he feels the way which Jagya did everything was wrong but this time Bhairon has seen surety in Jagya’s eyes. He says ‘Bhairon believes that it was not done in the right way. It is not correct to hurt anyone and as a father anyone will be upset at his son for doing something like this. But then he is also happy that finally Jagya showed the determination towards his relationship which Bhairon always felt was little lacking’


Badi haveli has its own set of rule laid down by the elders of the Haveli primarily Dadisa and which are always followed by others. If we rewind back a little, a similar kind of situation had arisen when Jagya left Anandi and went to Gauri. At that time Jagya was asked to leave the haveli and take care of his own life. Bhairon adds ‘When things are wrong it is the responsibility of the elders to correct the younger ones. Though it’s not necessary that the elders are right all the time. But this time Bhairon is sure bout Jagya and his decision and that’s why the support.’


The son of the badi haveli has gone ahead and decided that he will marry Ganga and stay with her but that has broken the existing relationship with Anandi who has been asked to detach herself from the badi haveli. ‘I am not even thinking about this right now’ says Bhairon. He adds ‘Certain things time heals and we should leave it to it. Everyone is angry now so everyone should be given their space to cool down and then hopefully things will get sorted and Anandi will get her solution’.


Jagya is lucky to have a father like Bhairon who understand him well. He just didn’t help Jagya to grow up but even he has grown up with Jagya and become a modern and progressive father.

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