Bakool Finds Himself In Another Puzzling Situation On ‘Bhaag Bakool Bhaag’
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Bakool finds himself getting into more and more troubling yet hilarious scenarios where he constantly tries to figure out a way to keep both his wives happy, no matter how difficult or perplexing the situation is! An honest man who genuinely wants to settle things in a way that does not ruin the lives of either of his wives, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.


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Bakool decided to stop faking his leg injury after he saw both Jigna and Sheena trying to do things that started to annoy him! In a hilarious scene, Ranjeet asked Dagdu to give Bakool shock therapy to treat his leg injury. Bakool found a way out of it by cleverly padding his shoes to avoid feeling the shock. Sheena, who got fed up of Dagdu decided to take it upon herself to heal Bakool, by dancing for him and showing her love.


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Jigna, on the other hand did aarti and started singing a song. Bakool, fed up with their antics stood up and announced that he was healed, calling it a miracle. That love made him able to stand again. That is when Bakool realised that things might not end well for him if he reciprocates the love of his wives. One can’t help but wonder how Bakool will continue to lead two completely separate lives without any consequences. That is what makes it an interesting watch. In the coming episodes, we will see that Baa finds something in Bakool’s bag which makes her extremely suspicious.


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Is Bakool going to figure a way out of this as well?


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