Aye Aye Captain! Praneet defeats Dimpy and Sonali.
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  • December 19, 2014
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Ok so now as per the latest letter sent by Bigg Boss in the house, housemates had chosen two contenders to challenge Dimpy, the previous captain, and take over the reigns of the house! The challenge was set up in the task area where a huge rubber ball dangled like a pendulum. Too huge to even budge and inch. As per the task, Dimpy, Praneet and Sonali were to stand on the given platform as each housemate would hit the large ball on one of the three whom he or she would not want as the next captain. It was also a test for the three contenders to see how strongly they stood against the given force. The contender, who stood till the end despite being hit repeatedly and not falling or bending would win the captaincy!


Sonali the petite girl was out just in one blow. The second, who couldn’t sustain the force was Dimpy despite trying very hard to stand firm, thus as the two ladies fell on the ground, and that automatically made Praneet the new captain! Ahan! Mere bacche! Ab dekho inki captaincy mein kya hota hai…


Do you think Praneet’s captaincy would give a grace time to everyone to catch up on some extra sleep including himself?


Watch the captaincy special tonight!


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