Avika’s monsoon masti!
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  • July 25, 2014
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Everyone has a different idea of celebrating monsoon. For some it is just witnessing the rain sitting by the window side and for some it’s all about going out and getting wet in the rain. Our Colors diva Avika Gor chooses the latter, she told us: “Just going out and getting wet in the rain is my way to enjoy rains.” Not just this, she even loves to drive down to hilly areas during monsoons: “A long drive with open windows is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the weather,” She added.
And when it comes to eating, Avika feels nothing can beat the desi bhajiya: “Yes, my favourite is Bhajiya. I relish eating hot bhajiyas and top it with some chilly ice cream. People tend to avoid cold dishes during monsoon, but I absolutely enjoy the feel of eating cold ice creams when it’s pouring!”
And the fun doesn’t stop here for Avika. She almost always ends up buying a lot of monsoon gears like raincoats and umbrellas but hardly ever uses any. Her idea of enjoying monsoon is to ditch the protection and simply get wet. “Getting wet in the downpour while singing songs like ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’, now that’s my kind of fun.”
Do you also celebrate the monsoons like Avika? Tell us about your favorite rain activities in the comments below!

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