At last Jagya agrees to re-marry! # Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap 1st April- 5th April
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After Shiv leaves Anandi at the badi haveli for an overnight stay, everybody sits together and narrates Anandi’s childhood stories but Jagya feels a little out of place and leaves.

Dadisa then surprises everyone with a special plan for the night, where the women of the house will put mehendi on each other’s hands and decides that she would apply mehendi on Anandi’s hands. Suddenly Anandi’s phone rings and Nandu picks it up, much to Anandi’s embarrassment, as he reads out Shiv’s romantic message aloud in front of everyone.

After sometime Sumitra starts feeling a little sad and leaves with a heavy heart.  Anandi goes to Sumitra and both have a heart to heart conversation. Sumitra offers Anandi to sleep in her room when Dadisa interrupts their conversation and tells Sumitra that since she is the head of the family, Anandi will sleep in her room.

Dadisa brings Anandi to her room and gifts Anandi her very own wedding gear. Anandi gets emotional and lies on Dadisa’s lap and falls asleep.

Next morning, when everybody sits for breakfast, Shiv arrives to take Anandi home. All of a sudden Nandu asks him about his message to Anandi from the previous night, embarrassing Shiv and Anandi yet again. Jagya feels discomfited and leaves the breakfast table.

After returning home Shiv and Anandi get a surprise to see Gulli and other villagers. They invite Anandi, Shiv and the family for a special program organized for her.

In the evening everybody gets ready to attend the function and Anandi leaves everyone spellbound as she chooses to wear Dadisa’s wedding lehenga.

The program begins with Bhairon Sing saying few words of admiration for Anandi followed by a special act by Gulli and her team as a tribute to Anandi.

Gulli then takes the stage and expresses gratitude towards Anandi on behalf of the entire village. She then invites Shiv and Anandi on the podium to share their feelings. To lighten this emotional atmosphere a colourful song and dance program begins where Dadisa and Daddu also participate.

Jagya, who watches this from a distance then asks Ganaga to join the dance and offers to take care of Mannu. Seeing Jagya enjoying with Mannu, everybody feels happy. 

The function goes on till the next morning. Finally Sumitra tells Aanndi that it was time for them to leave. Anandi says goodbye to the villagers but expresses her wish to meet Jagya once. Sumitra asks her to go home as Jagya would be there.

After reaching home Anandi looks for Jagya but doesn’t find him anywhere. After looking around for a long time she finally finds Jagya sitting in the store room alone and puts in her last attempt to convince Jagya but he refuses.

Finally, when Anandi tells him that it saddens her to not being able to stand up to Dadisa and Sumitra’s expectations, Jagya tells her that he is ready to marry only if Anandi looks for a suitable match for him.

Now that Dadisa is overwhelmed to hear Jagya’s decision, who will Anandi choose as Jagya’s life partner? Watch Anandi talk about it!



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