At gun point Ali Vows to join Boys Gang!
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  • November 3, 2014
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After a lot of garma-garmi the so called ‘P3G’have an upper hand on having Gautam- The Hero of the task! as part of their group were found walking around like ‘Pride Peacocks’ Lol! Especially Puneet who felt backstabbed by Upen during nomination procedure felt it was a win-win situation for him and his group! In a funny move all the boys caught hold of Ali and made him sit, then one of them pointed the toy gun (The Kill-dil team got the guns) on his head and ragged him every bit for not being on one side and for bitching around to different people in the house. He makes it difficult to understand whom he supports and whom he doesn’t. Puneet was seen as the ‘Ringleader’ asking Ali to repeat the same as he spoke , and Ali was asked to VOW as follows, “Main aaj se Boys ki gang mein shaamil hota hun,main ab se kabhi bhi idhar ki baat udhar nahi karunga,main hamesha sach ka saath dunga aur dudh ka dudh aur paani ka paani karunga” Haha sounded very funny! Who knows how serious was Ali while he said all that?


Bigg Boss house mein hoga sacchaai ka Parda faash!! Kuch hi samay mein!!


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