Ashoka Spoiler: Will Ashoka succeed in foiling Keechak’s plans?
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The road to success isn’t an easy one and that’s what Ashoka is soon going to find out. On his journey to becoming the king, Ashoka comes across the beautiful princess of Kalinga, Kaurwaki and soon grows fond of her.

On one hand, while Ashoka is trying hard to get people to turn people against Keechak, on the other Keechak along with his right hand man Dhananjay is trying their best to foil Ashoka’s plans. In order to give their plan a shape, Keechak traps Kaurwaki and forces her to work for them in exchange for her father’s safety. With no option in hand, Kaurawaki decides to help them.

When Ashoka finds out that Kaurwaki is working with Keechak and his men, he is heartbroken and decides to take revenge and in turn kill Dhananjay. With a motive to kill, Ashoka’s goes to Keechak’s palace in disguise just to find out that Kuarwaki is in fact not working against him but has been trapped and is being tortured by Keechak.

Will Ashoka’s finally be able to accomplish his mission and save Kaurwaki? Will Ashoka kill Dhananjay in time and move ahead with his plans?

Stay tuned to Ashoka to find out more.

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