Ashoka has found his way to Chanakya. But, how will he find him?
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We have seen how Ashoka is in desperate search of his guru, Chanakya, who has been declared dead by Helena. But, it isn't true. Helena has plotted her next evil move by kidnapping Chanakya and keeping him weak and alive in the secret chamber. All this, so that there is no one in the way for Justin to take to the throne.

While she has made this evil move, Ashoka has been very determined and adamant about finding Chanakya and has been successful in finding the map which leads the way to the secret chamber. It's Ashoka's positive gut feeling which tells him that Chanakya is alive and he will find him there if he makes his way to the secret chamber.

Will Ashoka be able to reach the secret chamber and rescue Chanakya?


To find out watch Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Mon-Fri at 9pm only on Colors.

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