Ashoka and Bindusara’s bond may just make you hug your dad!
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Ashoka’s quest to find his father’s identity is turning out to be a huge mystery. It has come to his notice that his father is in Patliputra and after hearing this, Ashoka’s anxiety has jumped a notch higher. He has found a coin from the Mauryan age when he visited the house he was born in. Will Ashoka be able to find out who is his real father? Well, we know that his father is Bindusara but you will have to wait and see how Ashoka figures out the truth. Until then, here are some Father-Son moments that Bindusara and Ashoka have shared till now that shows that even without knowing the truth their bond stands strong. Does this tell you something?

1.) When Ashoka was helplessly hanging between life and death when he slipped from a cliff while dodging the soldiers chasing him, it was Bindusara who immediately jumped down the cliff and rescued him putting his life in danger. 


2.) When Ashoka learned about his Mother’s death he was shattered and was lost in despair. His tears wouldn’t stop and he was helpless. Even Chanakya could not handle him at that moment but, when Bindusara confronted Ashoka he ran into his arms and cried out loud. Now that’s a moment which would make your hearts melt.


3.) Ashoka was stubborn and stood firm on his decision of not returning to Patliputra post his mother’s supposed death. Nobody could convince him but one fine evening Bindusara meets Ashoka in person and opens his heart out telling him how much he wants him to come back to Patliputra. And guess what happened next? Ashoka agreed to return to Patliputra!


4.) A very interesting incident took place while Ashoka was battling against Sushim for the championship to win the honourable sword, Ashoka was lacking behind in the points table and this became a matter of concern to Bindusara. Sushim, who is Bindusara’s son, was leading the points table but when Bindusara heard about Ashoka falling into the river of crocodiles he couldn’t stop worrying.


5.) All of us know that Sushim did not deserve to be the General Of Magadh but going by the rules Bindusara had no other choice but to choose Sushim for the same. Chankaya’s intelligent trick just worked right which made Sushim lose his cool and was asked to leave the courtroom. Bindusara did not take a moment to think and took Ashoka’s name to take the place of General of Magadh immediately. If you missed out watching it, click here now!

These are the moments that Bindusara and Ashoka shared just like father and son.  Don’t forget to share with us  your favorite moment of both of them in the comments below.

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