As a punishment, seven out of eight housemates get nominated by Bigg Boss!
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  • December 18, 2017
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  • 12:41 pm

Tonight, not just Akash but all the housemates upset Bigg Boss and then face the consequence of it.





In the 12th week of the season everyone is seen becoming more serious about the game and obviously wants to stay till the end of the show.





Tonight we will witness how the housemates get together in groups planning and strategizing for the upcoming nominations and discuss on whom are they targeting, which is again against the house rules!





But it gets too late for them to realize their mistake. Bigg Boss calls them all in the living area and condemns their act. To shock one and all it is also announced that because of this and as a form of punishment, seven out of eight housemates are directly nominated for the coming weekend’s elimination!





This stuns the housemates! Will they repent it? Watch tonight.

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