Arya feels bewildered!
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  • November 6, 2014
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Arya was unable to cope with the sudden shock of having Puneet back and was seen extremely restless!! (A shock laga laga situation), he had innumerable questions running through his mind regarding the show; questioning his own dialogue with Big Boss on the matter. Feeling hurt that when he was assured about Big Boss's decision and just everything that could make someone believe that if something went wrong in the house, nobody would escape so easily! Then why was he let down? Arya who had actually undergone physical pain felt devastated by this decision. He was hence called in the confession room, where he opened his heart infront of Big Boss and was extremely overwhelmed; almost on verge of willingness to leave the house which could relieve him from all the anguish. He in fact demanded disqualification for Puneet and himself, as they both had broken important rules of the Big Boss House.

What did Big Boss say? What makes him the real Big Boss?


Know everything in tonight’s episode!


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