Arshi Khan looks out for the meanest Bigg Boss housemate!
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  • January 9, 2018
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The housemates listen to the popular song ‘Tere Rashke Qamar’ all of a sudden and get totally surprised to find Arshi Khan back in the Bigg Boss house! Everyone feels delighted to have her back and at the same time curious to know the reason behind the same.





Arshi tells them there’s a reason for her to come back and just then Bigg Boss announces about a task in which Arshi plays an important role.





In the task letter Bigg Boss mentions that the housemates have a golden opportunity to win a certain amount of money, calling it Dhan Raashi. Each housemate could have the amount on his or her name but for that he or she will have to prove to be the ‘meanest’ of all! This certainly raises the eyebrows of the five gharwaalez.





It is revealed that Arshi will play the sanchaalak for the task. Arshi declares that she would look for the meanest of all the mean people in the house.



Isn’t this going to get super-exciting?


Click here to read what happens during the task!

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