Arshi gets mad after Priyank takes a dig at her on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • November 6, 2017
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Well it all started after Priyank stated that more than half people in the Bigg Boss house shouldn’t be talking to Arshi. The latter who was working in kitchen heard this and asked him why that is so, Priyank replied saying he knows many things that are happening inside the house and this is why he thinks like that.





Arshi in her own style replied saying nobody can harm her in the Bigg Boss house as people who tried this are already evicted. Priyank again said that we will talk about this on the weekend, Arshi  in a carefree gesture said if that is so even she has many things to talk about him. Priyank said he hasn’t opened his mouth yet. Arshi in her response said she wants him to open his mouth now!





The argument soon became ugly and the duo didn’t leave any stone unturned to talk bitter against each other.





Arshi especially got really furious and asked Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room.





Can you guess what could have bothered her the most? Will Bigg Boss call Arshi and find her a solution to whatever happened?



What more happens in this story?

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