Armaan’s fight and apologize saga continues…
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The weekly luxury task has always marked the onset of a fight or an argument. And where there is a fight, Armaan’s presence is imminent. In fact, it is safe to say that Armaan has been surrounded by trouble since he first entered the Bigg Boss house! More or less every contestant inside the house has been at the receiving end of his anger at one point or another and has also advised him to control it. Even during this week’s Chor-Police task, Armaan finds himself as the bad boy when he picks a fight with Andy. While Armaan plays the cop who is trying to protect his belongings, Andy as the robber attempts to steal them. During the course of the task, Armaan notices Andy trying to steal his belongings and attempts to catch him red-handed. While doing so, Armaan accidently twists Andy’s hands as he puts handcuffs on them hoping to stem Andy’s escape attempt. Andy repeatedly tells Armaan to leave him, but being completely in character, Armaan refuses to let go.

Owing to this, Andy gets furious and starts yelling at Armaan that lead to a heated argument between the two. Andy accuses Armaan of picking on him yet again, while the latter tries to explain to him that he was only performing the duties as per the task assigned to them by Bigg Boss. As the argument progresses, Bigg Boss intervenes and stops them before the situation gets out of hand. The warring contestants are called in the confession room where Bigg Boss warns them to stay within their limits and not go overboard. As the situation calms down a few hours later, Armaan realizes his folly and apologises to Andy once again.

Is the constant warring Armaan’s way of garnering audience attention? Will Andy forgive Armaan this time? 


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