Armaan snaps at Sofia
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  • November 25, 2013
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Armaan is known to fight with every contestant in the Bigg Boss house at one time or another. This time around, it was the new captain of the house – Sofia, who finds herself at the receiving end of his temper. When Bigg Boss announces that the kitchen will be closed for 24 hours since the contestants have broken multiple rules, every contestant inside the Bigg Boss house is dumbfound. As the day progresses, the contestants find themselves hungry beyond words. Trying to fight this, Sofia announces that in order to divert their minds off food, the contestants should refrain from speaking about food as well.

Later, while Armaan, Ajaz and Sofia are chatting, Armaan broaches the topic of food and starts speaking about all the delicacies that he can think of. Hearing him, Sofia gets furious and reminds him that she has banned the topic of food in the house and asks him to follow her orders. This triggers Armaan’s temper and he snaps at her saying that he doesn’t care about her rules and that he will continue to speak about whatever he feels like including food. Sofia then starts teasing him which further aggravates Armaan’s anger and he yells at her once more. When Sofia leaves the room, he says that Sofia has taken the captaincy very seriously and is making crazy rules. 

Food or no food, Armaan is clearly one grumpy cat in the Bigg Boss house.


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