Armaan loses his cool…Again!
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  • December 4, 2013
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The housemates of the Bigg Boss house can’t seem to get enough of the fights and disputes. In fact, after a heated argument erupted on Day 1 of the Toy Factory task, audiences believed that they would cool down on the second day. However, as Day 2 approached, it became clear that, if anything, the fights will only get worse! 

While Armaan and Kushal continue to take digs at each other, Kushal manages to trigger Sofia to team up with him and trouble Armaan and his team. He asks Sofia to throw the bag that contains the cotton required for stuffing the soft toys beyond the boundary of the Bigg Boss house. When Sofia follows orders and throws out the bag, Armaan loses his cool and gets into an intense fight with her. In fact, their argument gets so out of hand that Sofia nudges Armaan as he closes the distance between them during the fight. Further, Ajaz joins into the fight when Armaan continues to abuse Sofia, thereby making the situation messier. In an attempt to calm down, Armaan requests Bigg Boss to not only return their bag of cotton, but also take action against Sofia and her team for resorting to unethical means to win the task. 

Will Kushal and Sofia’s strategy to win the task work in their favour? 

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