Armaan fights with another brother!
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  • September 24, 2013
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There is never a dull day the Bigg Boss house with Armaan Kohli around. The actor, who was sent to Jannat because of his seniority, has managed to ruffle feathers everywhere. After having a gaali match with Kushal,  and talking rudely to Gauahar, now Armaan will turn on a Jannatwasi, namely Rajat! Why? Read on to know.

The hell-mates have been given a task by Bigg Boss where they have to count minutes to an hour, and give an accurate tally by the end of the task. The heaven-mates on the other hand, have to distract them using any technique, and ensure that they can’t count the minutes properly. 

In this scenario, Rajat will unknowingly help the hell-mates during the task, and botch up the advantage that the heaven-mates have over the Jahannum-wasis. And just like he did during the wheel task, Armaan will blow his top and call Rajat an ‘idiot’ in front of all the housemates. Ooops!

Rajat naturally will take offence to being called an idiot by his so-called brother, and confront Armaan about it. But Armaan will not pay heed to Rajat Bhai, and continue to rant to other housemates about Rajat failing in the task. Finally, Rajat, who has already suffered a breakdown, will burst out crying because of Armaan's anger!

Last time Armaan called someone his brother (Kushal), he ended up screaming unspeakable abuses at him. And now Rajat, his Jannat-brother is being called an idiot by Armaan. Looks like being Armaan’s Bhai is dangerous to the housemates’ health!

Watch a sneak peek of the fight here.

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