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Who doesn’t enjoy a show full of warmth, endearing characters with a tinge of quirk? Well, if you’re a part of this troop too, we’re bringing to you Navrangi Re, a show that’s based on a “congested” mohalla based in Uttar Pradesh. These satrangi characters aspire to achieve the eighth invisible colour which becomes visible when people challenge existing behaviours and move towards a better life.

The show is not just your original show. It talks about people being in close proximity. Literally living life on the edge, these guys are constantly looking for ways to manage their resources, one day at a time and slipping in some jugaad every now and then. Of course, the dream of living a better life stays constant.

Rishtey TV brings you a one of kind TV series that’s simply unmissable! Here’s a sneak peek into the show especially the characters as they are about to touch your hearts!


Aamir Ali aka Vishwaas is a good-hearted person, intelligent and witty, he is quick with his words and is always scouting for exclusive stories to keep his job going. He is an old tenant of Motichoor the halwai and has been living in the mohalla for years. He is a struggling television journalist with a local news channel called SACH TV. 


Vaishnavi Dhanraj aka Chiltraleka- the eighth colour to the mohalla – is a strong, attractive, ambitious, intelligent and a free-spirited young woman, aspiring to be an IAS officer someday. She is the daughter of Gajraj Singh, a retired Subedar from the Indian Army. 


Gajraj Singh aka Raju Kher, is a retired Subedar from the Indian Army. Both father and daughter share a very deep bond. He is a man of principles, a true fauji, and a disciplinarian for doing things in the right way. He hates the sanitation situation in the mohalla.  


Known to be the athrangi people of the mohalla, Motichoor runs his own sweet shop called Motichoor Mithaai Shop. He earns well but is a miser that for him, a penny not spent is a penny saved. In this saving routine, he always overlooks things that are important – so he has not built a septic tank. Motichoor’s only mantra is money.    


Meet Naseer and Noor’s 8-year old son Ali who believes in the world of magic. Ali is the only person in the Mohalla who has a special friend and that friend only talks to him. Well, it's none other than the Seelan Deewar (the community toilet wall). With this, it makes Ali the only special character who has a hyper-real, magical quality in the story. 


And finally, meet mohalleh ki rani – Rajrani. She is the richest woman of this mohalla, who made her fortune from scrap-dealing. She and her son also own the community toilet. Rajrani is a canny businesswoman, practices surge pricing for Seelan Deewar, always looking out for opportunities to make more money. 


Are you excited to meet them? Then tune in to Navrangi Re tonight onwards every Sat & Sun – 9 pm on Rishtey TV. 

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