Are Mihir and Bela destined to meet again?
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Tonight, on Naagin 3, all the boys are shocked to see Shravani as a mechanic. Shravani and Mihir feel a connection and eventually walk away. Kanika and Samajit welcome Ambar Bua but she seems upset with her brother and sister-in-law for trusting DM so much. Will she convey the same to her? Later, Shravani walks through some lonely road and listens to a hissing sound. She then begins to follow it. Mihir falls asleep and gets a dream of a girl wearing a saree. He is, however, unable to see her face. His parents come and tease him and even ask him to get married. DM also joins them but doesn’t support marriage.

Shravani, on the other hand, falls in a snake pit and get surrounded by a couple of snakes. At first, she’s scared, but then gets hypnotized and sees quick flashes of her past life. On opening her eyes, she finds no snakes around her. Going forward, Sumi, Masi & Alek meet in a secret room to talk. Alek is angry as he has to work as a manager. Sumi asks them to keep quiet and tells that she feels like Mihir & Bela are going to meet soon.

Is Sumi’s gut strong enough? Tune in to Naagin 3 every Sat-Sun at 8 pm.

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