Ansu Baa refuses to accept Bhoomi into the family! Sanskaar Recap- 22nd to 28th March
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This week brought Kishan back to his family, and also estranged him from them at the same time. Kishan and Bhoomi spoke to Bharti on their way back to India, but the misunderstanding about Kishan’s wedding to Bhoomi wasn’t cleared. (Watch their conversation here)

The family was busy preparing for Kishan’s arrival, but Ansu Baa ordered Ketki not to be part of these celebrations, and forbade her to help in Kishan’s wedding preparations. Everybody in the family wanted to go to pick Kishan up, but Hasmukh punctured the tyres of the car to ensure that Bhoomi’s arrival shocks everyone. 

Kishan and Bhoomi landed in India, and Bhoomi came to know that Kishan lived in Keshavgarh, and not in Mumbai. Bhoomi found it difficult to deal with the noise and crowds in India, especially when she had to sit on top of a bus in Keshavgarh, but Kishan helped her adjust to the situation in a light-hearted way. (Watch as Kishan guides Bhoomi about India)

They finally reached home and Kishan got a warm welcome from his family and Bharti, but as soon as Bhoomi entered the picture, the family reacted with shock and anger. Kishan was flabbergasted as he thought that the family had given his consent to his marriage to Bhoomi. But Ansu Baa not only refused to bless the couple, but also slapped her favourite grandson Kishan in front of the whole family! (Watch the moment here)

Hasmukh, in his continued attempts to divide the family, convinced the family that Kishan had lied to the entire family and married Bhoomi just to get a green card. Kishan tried to remind Ansu Baa that he had always respected the traditions of the family, but she declared that Bhoomi would not be accepted as a part of the family. (Click here to watch the scene)

Bhoomi was shocked at this turn of events, but Kishan refused to sway and told Ansu Baa that if Bhoomi couldn’t find a place in their home, then he too, would leave the house.

Parul, who was a mute spectator till now, spoke up in her son’s defence and told Ansu Baa that she would follow her son and daughter-in-law out of the house as she thought that Ansu Baa was being unfair to Kishan inspite of his perfect behaviour.

 Ansu Baa couldn’t bear to see Parul leave the house so she grudgingly agreed to let Kishan and Bhoomi stay in the house, but asserted that their presence in the house did not mean that she had accepted the marriage.  

Despite the family’s unhappiness about Kishan and Bhoomi’s wedding, Parul decided to follow the ‘grihapravesh’ ritual for Bhoomi, and Bhoomi formally entered the Vaishnav household as their daughter-in-law.

With Ansu Baa dead set against Kishan’s wedding to Bhoomi, will Bhoomi be able to find acceptance in the family? Or will she crumble under Ansu Baa’s pressure and rethink her decision?

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