Ansu Baa challenges Bhoomi! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 29th March- 4th April
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After Bhoomi and Kishan’s grihapravesh, Parul asked them to get blessings from the entire family before starting their life together. But Ansu Baa refused to bless the new couple, effectively ensuring that none of the family elders too, blessed them, with the exception of Parul. (Watch as Ansu Baa makes her decision)

Ansu Baa also stopped Bhoomi from putting per handprints on the wall, and declared that Bhoomi would be considered a ‘bahu’ of the family only after she passed 9 tests in the next 9 days. Kishan replied that Bhoomi would accept Ansu Baa’s challenge and complete the tests. While Parul was encouraging Bhoomi that she would succeed in the tests, Ansu Baa assured Bharti that she would get Bharti married to Kishan after Bhoomi failed the tests.

When Nani called Bhoomi to ask her about her grand welcome, Bhoomi lied to her, revealing nothing about Ansu Baa’s decision. (Watch as Bhoomi tries to convince Nani)

Kishan and Bhoomi found some time to spend some tender moments with each other in the middle of all the hostility, but they were disturbed by Avni, who ripped all the decorations in Kishan’s room in her anger against Bhoomi. (Watch as Bhoomi is bewildered by Avni’s behaviour)

Parul saw the innocent side of Bhoomi as she fell asleep in the bathroom at dinner time. Just as Kishan, Bhoomi and Parul were sharing a light moment, Ansu Baa called Bhoomi and told her that she was supposed to wear a saree from now on like the rest of the bahus. 

Bhoomi struggled with the traditional outfit but Kishan taught her how to drape a saree by wearing one himself! (Watch the funny moment here)

But Ansu Baa, instead of lauding her effort, criticized her in front of the whole family for not having a pallu in front of the family elders. 

Bhoomi was upset about being insulted by Ansu Baa, and Kishan cheered up and the two went to sleep. The troubles did not seem to end for Bhoomi as she encountered the whole family when she went to fetch a blanket in her night suit in the morning. This gave Ansu Baa and Avni another opportunity to point out that Bhoomi was far removed from the culture of the family, which once again upset Bhoomi. (Watch as Bhoomi gets insulted)

With Ansu Baa bent on throwing Bhoomi out from the Vaishnav family, will Bhoomi be able to hold on for long? Or will Kishan and Parul’s support see her through this challenge?

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