Ansu Baa and Rukmini Baa to clash over English!
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  • May 10, 2013
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The entry of Rukmini, Ansu Baa’s sister-in-law, has changed quite a few things around the Vaishnav household. For one, this is the first time that Ansu Baa has been seen bowing down to anyone in the house. Also, Rukmini Baa has openly declared her support for Bhoomi and called her ‘Aarogyadaayini’ after Bhoomi saved her from choking. This has disappointed Ansu Baa and Hasmukh who were counting on Rukmini’s disapproval to throw Bhoomi out of the house. 

Now, there will be some more action in the Vaishnav household with Ansu Baa and Rukmini Baa engaging in an English speaking competition! Yes, that’s right. Rukmini Baa, who prides herself on her knowledge of English and uses it whenever she can, will cross swords with Ansu Baa about speaking English. 

Daisy Irani, who plays Rukmini Baa in the show, says, “Rukmini Baa is a show off when it comes to English. She uses the language at every opportunity and also taunts Ansu about not knowing English. This track will be interesting.”

Ansu Baa’s dislike for English is well known in the Vaishnav house. Rukmini Baa also calls her ‘Angrezi ki Aurangzeb’ for not knowing and speaking English. In this condition, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this challenge. What will be more interesting is who will Bhoomi side with in this competition. Having been born and brought up in the US, Bhoomi undoubtedly has the best English language skills in the whole family. And when the competition begins, will Bhoomi stand beside Rukmini Baa, who has supported her in front of the whole family, or be loyal to Ansu Baa, who Kishan respects the most? Be sure to wait and watch what unfolds when the Vaishnav veterans clash in the competition!

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