Another victim of Maiyya revealed!
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  • April 25, 2013
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Recently we saw the introduction of yet another abla naari in Uttaran. After torturing Meethi it was revealed that Maiyya has another victim to trouble at home. Yes, we are talking about Kadambari who was recently introduced in the show.

Shown as Agarth Mama’s wife, Kadambari was shown to be locked in one of the corner rooms of the haveli and when Meethi freed her, she was told that Kadambari is mentally unstable.  Well, we do not know if that is true but definitely there’s something fishy about this. 

We already know how evil Maiyya can get with her enemies, recently she even celebrated Ichcha’s death and made Meethi dance in it. Similarly, we guess Kadambari also has crossed Maiyya and hence the latter has locked her in her own house. Looks like even her husband Agarth and son Nirbhay agree with Maiyya’s decision as they seemed upset with Meethi’s interference. Overall, it seems like Kadambari’s past is so intense that Maiyya had to go to the extent of locking her up.

Next few episodes will reveal the complete story of Kadambari and we are eager to know the end of it! Hopefully, Meethi will take a hint from Kadambari’s example and make a run from the haveli before it’s too late. 


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