Another Task Wasted!
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  • November 11, 2014
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The first day of such an exciting task looked going frail the very moment it started. While the housemates should have focused on playing the game with all their heart, they all went into some other league altogether by getting into personal fights. I am sure even Big Boss must be fed-up by all of this by now. They just don't seem to get any task properly!


Diandra on a funny note said “Big Boss aap sabko iss ghar ke bahar nikaal dijiye aur saare naye contestants le aaiiye.” Apparently, nobody understood the terms and conditions of the task or may be they wanted to play it in their own style making it even more confusing. And since we all know ‘Understanding towards each other’ is an alien concept for the current housemates, who put their egos before anything else. Everybody is in the habit of just complaining. Sonali on one side looked irked at this too, she said “Koi bhi task 15-20 min se zyada nahi chalta iss ghar mein” and guess whom she was telling all this to? None other than Puneet ji who was trying to sympathize with her. Thumbs down for the double face you carry Punzz! In another corner of the house I found Nigaar sharing some 'bahar ke opinions' that this season has formed a reputation of not completing any task properly till the end.


Well Nigaar you are somewhere correct. But why don’t you bring in some change, now that you are here? *Eehehe* We have all eyes on you, as you entered in house to be quite promising. Kuch kar ke dikhaao!


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