Another situation for the Roop and his family?
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This week on Roop, we see Roop asking Kamla to meet Jigna, however, she is stopped by Shamsher and has to obey his order. Back in the dhaba, Roop and Ishika are shocked as Jigna isn’t seen around. Later, they realize that she has eloped with Anish. Stressed, Ishika and Roop are all over the place looking for Jigna. From Waghela house to the bus stop, the duo isn’t spotted anywhere. Samru informs the same to Shamsher and he decides to take matters in his hands.


Going forward, we see that Jigna and Anish are surrounded by the villagers, however, they escape. They then face Shamsher who is asking Jigna to sit in the jeep but Anish asks her to run. Both Jigna and Anish are seen running all around the village. Just then, Dinesh reaches there as well. With everything happening, Dinesh is annoyed and is about to hit Jigna with his belt. Roop reaches there just in time and protects here.

How will Roop react to this ill-treatment? Will Shamsher support Jigna? Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

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