Another rival for Captain Gulati in the house!
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  • November 17, 2014
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Nigaar had entered the house like a positive vibe, but was soon found succumbing to the current situation in the house. I have often seen her being very touchy and sensitive. Another delicate darling? Why don’t you try bonding with older mates in the house Nigaar? May be they can help you with the ‘Survival skills’ which helped them sustain through the two month. It wasn’t bad until Gautam and Nigaar struck a conversation where Nigaar tried explaining to him something that was creating a problem among the other girls but Gautam bluntly told her he wasn’t interested in petty issues of the house as he cannot focus on them all the time being a captain. Gautam started walking out while Nigaar still wanted him to hear. This attitude somewhere made her upset, she got a little loud in telling him that he can’t walk out just like that when someone is still talking. She further said “Respect paane ke liye respect karni padti hai”. In fact what upset Nigaar more was when he said,”Aap yeh sab baatein vice-captain se share kar sakte ho” pointing out to Dimpy. Nigaar blubbered she doesn’t care to express things to a vice-captain if the captain himself isn't interested in knowing.


Will this be a beginning of another animosity? One more addition in someone standing against Gautam?


Watch the game getting riskier everyday!


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